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I just don't get it

I just don't get how burning down other peoples businesses/cars or looting other peoples businesses, is ok to do in order to say 'black lives matter'. To me it only says, 'give eve...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 25 comments

A Moderate Point of View: Trump has lost his F****** Mind!! And if you cannot see that you are as Un-American as he is!!!

CURRENT EVENTS/PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 18 comments

Don't Blame The Protestors, They Had Nothing To Do With It

Riots have broken out all across the United States, because of George Floyd's death. Omaha, and Lincoln, since Friday Night, have had protester's marching, to honor George Floyd. For some re...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 13 comments

Mourning has Broken...

That's what I think is really going on. We are in collective mourning... Mr. Floyd is a reason... a trigger... who has a name and a face... Loss of lives to cv... with no names or faces... Loss o...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 13 comments

The Casualties Of Anger And War On American Soil

Countries like China and Venezuela are looking at us closely and in some cases laughing at us. They are seeing images that looks more like their country than ours, burning cities, police in riot gears...... Read More
Posted by Thewritertwo with 12 comments

Seen This?

Who do they think they are, stormtroopers? I'd like to see where the authority comes from to order a person from their porch into their home? Curfew applies to your property. And this is true eve...... Read More
Posted by Metalheart with 11 comments

Recipe for Action Time and Maggie

Crock pot cube steak. I usually dont like this cut of steak as it can get chewy. When I saw this recipe, I decided to give it a try and am glad I did because everyone here loved it. Spray crockpot lay...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 10 comments

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Right now, it looks like a BIG FAT NO! I get it, people are pissed off. But people are just making a very bad situ...... Read More
Posted by blogmom with 10 comments

How To End White Privilege Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 9 comments

Speak Up

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 7 comments

Fucking Racist Bastards!

So anyway, amidst giving respect to George Floydd and his family, I wrote a couple of equally respectful comments on the Black Lives Matter UK Facebook page. One about the innappropriateness of the ma...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 6 comments

Life Today

Living in the world today is like being stuck on a roller coaster. Just when you think the ride has ended it starts all over again...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 6 comments

Indian covid lab robbed of samples

Monkeybusiness. How many monkeys? 12...... Read More
Posted by 1derlander with 5 comments

Quick hello & Gonna be grandma again

Just stopping by to say all is fine just been super busy. We are still trying to manage the bills and just now was able to turn in the less hours he got that should get us a big $2 in unemployment (lo...... Read More
Posted by gingerdoxie with 4 comments

The Entitled Ones Want Ass Kissing rbing-wei d-way-whi es-are-no -supposed to-behave ?fbclid=I AR1NsPGri 4_8KCMy2T uMKEtAnFy XiorMrESo N4gvqL-2A j8BpzEiU4...... Read More
Posted by iamtheeggman with 4 comments

What goes on in your life; of that which you never post?

With me, one thing that goes on fairly frequently is telephone talk with a friend named Seán. I call him when I'm restless; I call him when I'm eager; I call him when I want to talk smack. S...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 4 comments

Democracy: Thy Name Is Anarchy

The hated and violence we are now being subjected to are the results of democracy in action. Democracy is a slop-bucket system that is well suited to slop-bucket people and terrorists and is governed...... Read More
Posted by retiredinaz with 3 comments

Noted Riots of 60's and Minneapolis 2020

I post these to show, have we not learned from the past and then now. What good does it do to riot, kill and cause millions of dollars of damage to property, businesses etc.? We need to learn too con...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 3 comments

Written by a friend.....

I think this nails it............ This goes for ALL people that participated...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 3 comments

Muddled Perhaps? Perhaps, misunderstood…?

Muddled Perhaps? Perhaps, misunderstood…? Thewritertwo indicate that my assertion in the blog-post: The Sad and Tragic Death of George Floyd and dystopian culture were muddled by “a whol...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 3 comments

Friends during the epidemic!

Being a social person it is pretty hard not to be able to go out to the movies, the theatre, restaurants, etc., and/or meet people so one has to adapt and, luckily for me, I have made some new friend...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 3 comments

take 2 much better (w/pic)

After searching everywhere from Main to Oregan, I finally found this painting on Pinterest that I thought I might be able to use as a subject. It was an Oil Painting from a man called Willaim DeShazo...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 3 comments

Scots across country 'take a knee' in poignant protest over George Floyd death

Scots across country 'take a knee' in poignant protest over George Floyd death Stand Up to Racism organised the event in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. By Andy Shipley 20:25, 3...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 2 comments

Yellow Lives Matter

...... Read More
Posted by pokeybanana with 2 comments

Anything sound Familuar????

Opperation Lockstep>>>>>> short video...... Read More
Posted by aKunaKumara with 2 comments

words from a colonialism surviver to the people of our nation...will we take the warning in time?

Trevor Noah spoke out recently from his home where he is sitting out the Covid-19 pandemic. He had a lot to say about the horror of the Black experience in the United States as it exists in 2020. Eve...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 2 comments

Masked And Found

Masked Or Found Not to worry till they find out where you work. Then, perhaps, you should start...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 2 comments

FB Jail And A Girl

I got myself into FB jail. After the news of a white cop killing a black man, on whatever thread I was on I posted... "And let the looting begin 3..2..1.." That alone got me kicked off. I...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 2 comments

Happy Billy Joe Day, ya'll!!

How old do you have to be to understand...... Read More
Posted by bigfatdaddy with 1 comments

When Tyranny Masquerades As Safety

The Constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Read it again. Do you see any exceptions listed? No. A...... Read More
Posted by SaintsAndSinners with 1 comments

Fun with animals during the lockdown From goats going wild, to eels getting lonely, Pandas getting busy, dogs detecting Covid-19 and LLamas healing it, Trevor looks at the wil...... Read More
Posted by VickieCollins with 1 comments

Top 5 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas to Impress Him

Who doesn’t want to impress his/ her father on Father’s Day? Yes, we all want! They are real heroes of our life. It is an extremely prized occasion that we all look forward to as this is...... Read More
Posted by sendbestgift with 0 comments

Sound Advice About Wp That Anyone Can Use

In Value To Wp, This Information Has Great AdviceAre you presently a blog writer who really loves revealing new information? Will you craving for food for a larger market? Or, do you need a blogging p...... Read More
Posted by lloyddeleon126 with 0 comments

Terra Do Chocolate, Ilhéus Recebe Primeiro Spa Do Cacau

INFOPRODUTOS DIGITAIS REVOLUTIANO QUE Razão ARTRITE REUMATOIDE? A artrite reumatoide (AR) é uma doença inflamatória crônica que normalmente afeta as pequenas articulações das mãos e dos pés...... Read More
Posted by kerstinlockard3 with 0 comments

Having Difficulty With Word press? Take A Look At The Following Tips!

For Super Secrets About Wordpress blogs, This Article Is ItWordpress blogs has taking the World wide web by surprise as the leading resource which individuals may use to construct beautiful weblogs an...... Read More
Posted by arianneculpepper with 0 comments

Actual Property Investing Recommendation You may Put Into Observe At this time

Skilled Investing Suggestions You should use At the momentAs you attempt to achieve understanding of investing, you be looking for the simplest route. That is what this text is for. Keep studying for...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 0 comments

What Are The Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Are E-Juices Good For You? of electronic cigarettes has been increasing within the last few years and this is mainly because of the fact that it saves your money on tobacco along with other drugs. The...... Read More
Posted by jorjaburroughs3 with 0 comments

Diese Kollektion war auf der Vintage Londoner Hochzeitsmesse unglaublich beliebt

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Milliner aus London, Jane Taylor, und deshalb war ich sehr aufgeregt, als Jane mir letzte Woche eine E-Mail schickte hochzeitskleider hamburg , um einige Bilder aus ihrer ne...... Read More
Posted by ekoeydeet with 0 comments

Medicamentos Caseiros Pra Barriga Inchada - Bulas E Artigos A respeito de SaĂşde

Exercício Físico é Recomendável Pra Precaver DoençasEquinococose, bem como conhecida como doença hidátida, hidatidose é uma verminose causada por platelmintos do tipo Echinococcus. Equinococos...... Read More
Posted by patrickmarquez with 0 comments

Company Journey Doesn't Need To Be A Ache With One Of These Suggestions

Possess A Excellent Trip By Using These Great IdeasSometimes, you really should take a break from your very same getaway on the seaside that you acquire annually. This year, why not try out a haunted...... Read More
Posted by clararocha1297 with 0 comments

The fundamentals Of Actual Property Investing For Novices And Specialists

Investing Suggestions And Methods To Make Good DecisionsInvesting and being profitable are hot matters in today's economy. You are in the correct place if you are searching for investment info. L...... Read More
Posted by ceciliasouza5 with 0 comments

Success Is Yours When Using Key Affiliate marketing online Strategies

The power Of Affiliate marketing online Is In Your ArmsMaybe there isn't any other style in the historical past of the world that has the entrepreneurial attraction of the web. With so many milli...... Read More
Posted by nicoleoverton with 0 comments

Smart Affiliate internet marketing Advice: Learn It Now!

This Is precisely What You Need If you would like Affiliate internet marketing GlorySome individuals hold loads of doubt near and dear to their hearts, as they try to start a web business. The explana...... Read More
Posted by nicolasteixeira with 0 comments

15 Formas De como Controlar O Estresse E A Amargura

Quinze Formas De como Controlar O Estresse E A TristezaO estresse, a tristeza e outras dificuldades que levam esses sintomas, são famosos como a doença do século. Muito comum em todas as idades, es...... Read More
Posted by pilarboatman267 with 0 comments

The Experts Shared with Us To Not Distribute This Short Article On Wp

Require Assistance Being familiar with Wordpress? Try These Guidelines!Word press is really a amazing tool that will help you make your own website. For those who have actually wished to figure out ho...... Read More
Posted by pedrosantos4691 with 0 comments

One Of The Best Gaming Overview Websites On The Net

Video games assist pass time, relieve stress, or provide a enjoyable activity to play with associates. Use video games to shed further pounds, improve your reflexes, and even study new languages. You...... Read More
Posted by andrewmontoya12 with 0 comments

The Most Effective That Cell Gaming Has To Offer

You can do it in your underwear and nobody will know, even once you do it with pals. How To Have Fun With At Online Casino - Good Information For Online Gamblers don't should odor good, look good...... Read More
Posted by vedascrivener7 with 0 comments

Tipos De Gripe, Sintomas, Tratamento, Cautela

Remédio Pra Perder gordura Natural [Seca Barriga Veloz E Tem êxito]Confira os sete melhores remédios naturais para emagrecer e secar barriga de 2018! Está precisando de uma forcinha pra acabar com...... Read More
Posted by evekqn9958810583 with 0 comments


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